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Time limit exceeded using operator () as comparator

Revision en1, by dhirajfx3, 2017-04-03 15:43:07

In solution of

consider struct qry { int l,r,id,val; int block; }; vector<qry> Q; vector<int> q_idx; this solution got AC , it used

sort(Q.begin(),Q.end(),[](qry &A,qry &B)
       if( A.block == B.block )
		return A.r < B.r;
	return A.block < B.block;	

whereas this solution got TLE using

bool operator()(int x,int y) 
	if( Q[x].block == Q[y].block )
		return Q[x].r < Q[y].r;
	return Q[x].block < Q[y].block;	
sort(q_idx.begin(),q_idx.end(),*this); // q_idx is vector<int> containing indices

Can anyone explain why this happened ?


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