Grand Prix of Moscow Workshop (+ Editorial)

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Yesterday, on April 23 an Open Cup round — Grand Prix of Moscow Workshop was held. In fact, the same contest was held on April 17, the last day of Moscow Pre-Finals ACM ICPC Workshop.

The problems were prepared by the workshop programming committee: Mikhail Tikhomirov (Endagorion) and Gleb Evstropov (GlebsHP), as well as members of MIPT teams Jinotega: Ivan Smirnov (ifsmirnov), Artsem Zhuk (Arterm), Konstantin Semenov (zemen), and Cryptozoology: Alexander Ostanin (Kostroma), Alexander Golovanov (Golovanov399), Nikita Uvarov (-imc-). We hope you enjoyed solving our contest!

The results can be found on the Open Cup page. Our congratulations to teams SPb ITMO University 1 (Belonogov, Zban, Smykalov) and the veteran team SPb Havka-papvsto (Kunyavsky, Kopeliovich) on solving all 11 problems! Please not that since Java issues in Yandex.Contest are not fully resolved yet, the results are not final and Java submissions may be subject to rejudge.

Here is a link to PDF editorial for the problems, prepared by myself and GlebsHP. Please ask your questions and point out the mistakes in the comment section.


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