TOKI Open 2017 Post-Contest

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TOKI Open 2017 has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated the contest.

We decided to not consider any participants from the second window whose username is registered on the first window. We also decide to not consider any participants from the second window whose code is very similar to other user's code on the first window. After that, we consider a TOKI Open 2017 participant to be those who made at least one submission on either day.

There were a total of 109 participants, which four of them get a fullscore. Congratulation to Reyna, kevinsogo, pwypeanut, tuna_salad. The full result of TOKI Open 2017 is available here.

The skeletons, solutions, problem descriptions, and testcase generators for TOKI Open 2017 are available here. The problems are available for upsolving here. Alternatively, the PDFs version of the problems are available here (English, Bahasa). The problems discussion (a.k.a. editorial) for TOKI Open 2017 is available here.

We thank everyone who involved in TOKI Open 2017 :

We hope to conduct TOKI Open again next year, with broader audience. If you have any inquiries, please contact See you next year! :)


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