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Codeforces Round #418 (Div. 2) Editorial

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Codeforces Round #418 (Div. 2) has just come to an end. This is my first round here, and hope you all enjoyed the contest! > <

Seems the statements still created a few issues :( Anyway hope you liked it, and the characters feature the Monogatari anime series. Let me state again that the statements has little to do with the plot and you are not spoiled for the series! ^ ^

So for the impatient, here are the detailed tutorials for problems A, B and C. More are being boiled in the teapot... Goo-doo goo-doo.

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Solution 1
Solution 2
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Solution 1
Solution 2 - Casework
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Solution 1

Goo-doo goo-doo...


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