Introduction to New Data Structure: Wavelet Trees

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Hi CF Community,

I think it's safe to assume that this is a new data structure for most of us.
Consider the following problems:
1. Number of elements in subarray A[L...R] that are less than or equal to y.
(Persistence Segment Tree? Ordered multiset + BIT ?)
2. Number of occurrences of element x in subarray A[L...R].
(Subpart of 1st problem)
3. The kth smallest element in subarray A[L...R].
(Ordered multiset + BIT would work for subarrays beginning from index 1)

I know you might have many other solutions, and you might think what I am trying to prove.

What if I told you, all of the above can be easily done in O(logn) using Wavelet Trees :o. Plus, its very easy to code :D Awesome, isn't it?

Check the implementation here.

The post just introduces the basic usage of wavelet trees. There is still more that you can do with them.
I will write about them later, once I gain enough sleep maybe?


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