Invitation to 2017 Indonesian National Olympiad in Informatics Open Contest

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Indonesia will hold 2017 National Olympiad in Informatics next week (July 3rd — July 5th 2017) in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. It is a competition for Indonesian high school students as one of the preliminary round of Indonesian IOI selection.

And this is the third year for Indonesia (2016, 2015) to invite everyone around the world to try solving the problems by participating the Open Contest! The contest will be conducted on TLX Online Judge. You may need to register for a TLX account if you do not have one. If you have a TLX account, you can login and go to the contest link to register for the contest.

There will be three different contests, one for each day. You may participate them separately (e.g. only participate in Day 1 and Day 2, but not in Day 0), but we expect you to join them all. The Open Contest will start after an hour from the real contest. Here are the schedule and details for the Open Contest:

  1. Day 0 (Practice Contest): Monday, July 3rd 15.30 — 24.00 (UTC +7). Register here.
  2. Day 1: Tuesday, July 4th 09.30 — 14.30 (UTC +7). Register here.
  3. Day 2: Wednesday, July 5th 09.30 — 14.30 (UTC +7). Register here.

The rules of this contest are

  • There will be 3 IOI-style problems for each competition day.
  • Problem statements will be provided in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
  • You can only submit at most 50 submissions for a problem.
  • You will get full feedback for each submission.
  • For each problem, there are several subtasks:
  • For each subtask, there are points assigned to it.
  • Each subtask contains several test cases.
  • You get the points from that subtask if the program passes all the test cases in that subtask.
  • The score of a submission is the sum of all the points that you get from completing subtasks.
  • The final score for a problem is the maximum of all the submission scores for that problem.
  • Only C++11, C, and Pascal are allowed.
  • You will need to read the input from standard input and print the output to standard output.
  • You can submit clarification requests in either Bahasa Indonesia or English.
  • No medals/certificates will be awarded to Open Contest participants.

NOTE : TLX uses a standard diff to check contestant's output. Therefore, contestant's output must be exactly the same as expected output. (e.g. no extra/missing spaces, no extra/missing newline, etc.). Make sure to print a newline after the last output.

We invite everyone to participate in this contest. See you at the leaderboard.

2017 Indonesian National Olympiad in Informatics Committee

UPD: The problems are available for upsolving here


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