Codeforces Round #459

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I'm honored to announce that Codeforces round #459 is going to take place on January 29th and Reyna and I are the problemsetters of this round.

I'd like to thank keyvankhademi, AlexFetisov, winger, Belonogov, cyand1317 and demon1999, AnPelec for testing, KAN for coordinating the round and MikeMirzayanov for the great Codeforces and Polygon platforms.

The main characters of the round are Stranger Things characters.

The scoring distribution will be announced soon.

Good luck and have fun.

UPD0: The round is over, we hope you enjoyed it. Editorial will be posted soon.

UPD1: System testing is over, congratulations to the winners.

Div.1 winners are:

  1. amiya
  2. FizzyDavid
  3. ainta
  4. aid
  5. Swistakk

And Div.2 winners are:

  1. Omar_Morsi
  2. Chaarzeh (Interesting :-?)
  3. magicalCycloidea
  4. Tanzir5
  5. UoA_Kanade

The editorial will be posted in a bit.

UPD2: Here's the editorial. Also please help me and Reyna do better next time by filling out this form.

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