Let's start a game together :D :D

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Lets Have fun , play a game :D :D :D

Hello codeforces , hello everybody , you all know , ACM ICPC is gonna be started , :) , and many of the participants are also CF users , and let's start a game for them , according to codeforces ratings , can you tell me which team is first ???

All you have to do , calculate their average ratings , and add them ( add the three ratings ) and divide them by 3 , Because there are 3 members in a team , and finally you will get a average rating , and according to them , you have to find the maximum rating of all the teams , and comment the name of their country and team/University name . and if you get board , you should not do it , you will suggest the avg ratings of a team in the comment box and i will fix it .

the winner will be included soon i wish :D :D

happy coding everybody :D :D good luck 1.


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