Merging two sets in c++

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Is there any solution that will merge two sets in n=( size_of_se1 + size_of_set2 ) times in c++? If I iterate through both the sets and take the smaller value and insert it in another set, this way I can merge two sets but it will take close to n*logn time as set insert operation takes logn time. Also I can let the set1 unchanged and insert all the elements of set2 in set1 or vice versa but it will also take size_of_set2*log(size_of_set1) or size_of_set1*log(size_of_set2) time. I am searching for a solution if it is actually possible to merge two sets in linear time. I googled it and spend some time to find out any solution regarding to it but failed :( Can anyone help me with your valuable opinion? thanks in advance :)


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