A not so easy problem on Set of Numbers

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I frequently think of problems on my own, and try to solve them.
But this simple problem got me dazzled!

Problem Description:
You have a set A, size N, Ai upto 109.
You play N - 1 steps on it.
Each step, pick any 2 elements x, y and remove both of them. Add back abs(x - y) to A.
Print the max value possible at end.

I was thinking that DP might solve this, but I was wrong about the approach that was coming to my mind.

My Approach:
The ans can't be greater than max element, say M.
So find out the minimum possible value that you can have from the remaining N - 1 elements.
A simple DP can be used for this, but this approach is wrong :)

Can anyone solve this?

Happy Coding!

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