Yandex.Algorithm — Optimization track, round 1

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Hello everyone!

My name is Roman Udovichenko and I am glad to inform you that the first optimization round of Yandex.Algorithm is in full swing! This time we offer you to solve the problem prepared by the Yandex self-driving cars team.

We hope that driverless future is not too far, so we ask you to develop an algorithm for optimal management of the fleet of driverless taxis. Of course, the task is very simplified and real self-driving cars development is way more sophisticated, but the duration of our round is not too long either: you have only one week to solve it. Basic solution to this problem is pretty straightforward, but I believe there are many possible improvements. Will you be able to come up with some really interesting idea? It's all up to you and the remaining time is more than enough :)

The authors of the top scoring solutions in the optimization track will receive a cash prize, and the top 128 — cool t-shirts with the Yandex.Algorithm logo.

Good luck and, of course, have fun!

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