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Global Warming Awareness

Revision en1, by kaldiuo, 2018-04-01 03:34:46

As you guys might know, global warming exists despite Trump's constant denial. Therefore, as a competitive programming community, we need to try our best to counter global warming.

What I suggest is that in addition to time limit, memory limit, and file size limit, we should also have a energy limit. For example, if someone writes shit inefficient code with Python (Proof), they should definitely get a Energy Limited Exceeded verdict to remind them of how much harm that they are doing to Mother Earth. Furthermore, in addition to penalties for things like re-submissions, Codeforces should also have penalties for amount of energy used.

Another possible option is to make the constraints for problems smaller. If we change the time limit to 0.01s from 2s, that means we save 200x energy for each submission!!! We will definitely reduce climate change and save the world for our future generations!!!

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