Your favorite ACM-style contest

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Last times there was a post about quality of WF problemset. I also agree that they could be better, there were many other contests which consisted of definitely more interesting/better prepared problems. So here comes my question: what is your favorite ACM-style contest?

I'm asking mostly about quality of tasks, maybe there were very interesting? Or maybe something different caught your attention? Of course there is a lot of interesting tasks, but I'm definitely not asking about this kind of contests where there are 9 very easy tasks and then 2 very hard (but so nice) ones.

For example my favorite problemset was on CERC 2017, I think that there were many very interesting problems and they really needed no knowledge. I also liked problems from WF 2017.

Of course you don't have to choose some contest from the ICPC family. Maybe some snackdown contest was so cool for you? Or maybe you liked some contest from training camp in your high school? Write about it in comments.


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