Please allow rated participation of purple-rating users in Div. 2 contests

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The main objective of my post is to make most Div. 2 only rounds rated for purle users.

This is beneficial because it would distinguish their rating better. It would also mean a more frequent participation for those people, which is good for the growth of the plataform. It makes no sense to make a purple coder wait for a Div. 1 round, which is rare due to the difficulty to come up with a Div1 D/E problem, when in most cases those users don't even read these harder problems at all.

Another reason is because most Div. 2 rounds are hard enough for people with purple rating. I assume the difficulty of contests should be sufficient to not transform them in a "type race", which means that it is good that few people solve all the problems. I will try to convince you that we can make div2 contests rated for people with higher rating without breaking this principle.

EDIT: Originally the title of this blog was "Please increase div2 upper rating limit" but this was missleading as I only want to allow div. 2 participation from purple guys in Div. 2 only contests. By Div. 2 only I mean the contests that do not have a corresponding Div. 1 rated problem set.

The distribution of participants in div. 2 and div. 1 (when there is a corresponding Div. 1 contest) could and should remain the same.

Some data to back my suggestion:

In Codeforces Round #476 (Div. 2 only) [Thanks, Telegram!] only 1 person solved all the problems officially, and I would say that more than 95% of all the unofficial purple contestants solved at most 4 out of the 5 problems.

In Codeforces Round #477 (rated, Div. 1, based on VK Cup 2018 Round 3), let's assume that the contestants who solved 4 problems would have a chance of solving all problems in the corresponding div. 2 round. Less than 50 (including red and yellow rated people) out of more than 450 div1 contestants solved at least 4 problems.

In Educational Codeforces Round 42 (Rated for Div. 2) only one red rated person solved all the problems and the vast majority of purple rated unofficial contestants could not solve 2 of the contests' problems. Also 3 legendary grand masters contestants could not solve all the problems.

With that being said I suggest that most div. 2 only contests should allow rated participation of users with rating up to 2200, or less depending on the difficulty of the specific round. But please do allow participation of more users in Div. 2 rounds when the difficulty is sufficient, this is healthy for the plataform!

I am open to discussing ideias in this regard.

Thanks for reading :)


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