Groups points policy and dependencies form broken in polygon

Revision en2, by Rezwan.Arefin01, 2018-06-25 00:51:50

In polygon while setting groups and points I am facing this issue —

The form seems broken. Even though I added groups for tests, but they aren't being shown in the "Groups points policy and dependencies" form.
Also, "Set group" button is not working as expected. After clicking "Set group" nothing happens, but when I reload page then it shows that group is set, and when I select multiple tests and use "Set group" it only sets for one test. Also when I manually add test with that "Add Test" and assign a group, it is not working. But everything works as expected with points.

Is anyone else facing this problem? What's the workaround?

(I am using Firefox 60.0.2 on Manjaro 17.1.10)

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