Codeforces Round #536 (Div. 2)

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Hello, Codeforces!

It's my honor to invite you to Codeforces Round #536 (Div. 2), which takes place at 12:35 UTC, January 31st, 2019. The round will be rated for all division 2 participants (with rating less than 2100). Also we warmly welcome those division 1 participants to join us out of competition.

This is my second round on Codeforces platform, and my first round was on January 31st, 2018, which is such a coincidence that I would like to say thanks to KAN for his awesome coordination and great dedication to this round. Besides, much thanks to testers Aleks5d, cyand1317, mohammedehab2002, osaaateiasavtnl. for their excellent testing work. Also, I would like to appreciate the Codeforces platform created and maintained by MikeMirzayanov, without which the round wouldn't be possible.

In order to celebrate the Lunar New Year (or Spring Festival) originated in China on February 5th, I proposed the round with 6 problems, whose theme is about the Lunar New Year. In this round, you are going to help Alice and Bob to solve some problems in the preparation of celebrating the Lunar New Year in 2 hours. I hope that those problems can interest you and improve your programming abilities, at the same time, bring you luckiness as well as high rating in the coming Lunar New Year!

As a convention, the scoring distribution will be announced soon.

Again, wish you more luckiness and higher rating!

UPD1: Editorial is published.

UPD2: The scoring distribution will be 500-1000-1250-1500-2250-3000. Note that there are 6 problems and you will be given 2 hours to solve them.

UPD3: System test is finished. We are sorry for that technical issue which ruined your happiness. Despite the issue, I hope you do learn something from the problem set, which might be far more important than the rating itself. Enjoy problems, and looking forward to the next contest with better problem set to learn something new, which in my opinion is what Codeforces platform wants to provide us with. Thanks for your participation and dedication even after the unrated announcement. :)

UPD4: The real Editorial is published. Thanks for your patience.

UPD5: Despite that the round is unrated, I have to announce the winners, who deserve it because of their hard work.

Div. 2

  1. ksi1996

  2. newbieyzr

  3. Zharaskhan


  5. mzhmxzh

  6. radoslav192

  7. Vit.C

  8. visitWorld

  9. yycdage

  10. xuzhiyuan

  11. zhangqingqi

  12. Crossguard

  13. gtrhetr

  14. Itst

  15. HwSh

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