Invitation to Plano West High School Programming Contest

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Hello everyone!

I would like to invite you to participate in the Plano West High School Programming Contest online round. It will be held on Saturday, February 9th at 15:00 EST.

The contest will be 3 hours long and scored by the sum of points for problems solved (harder problems worth more points). There will be a wide range of problem difficulties, from Codeforces Div3 level to about Div1 B/C. Competitors in the second and third divisions will most likely find it interesting.

The problems have been prepared by students at my school: me (ekzhang), Vincent Huang (tastymath75025), Autumn Tan, Wuyou Xie, Sam Ziegelbein, and Timothy Qin. We would also like to thank Kevin Meng (mtr361) and Maxwell Jiang (rocketscience) for helping test the round.

Please visit this link to register for the contest. The round will be held on HackerRank (binary scoring will be used), and a live scoreboard will be available.

Good luck and and have fun!

UPD: Contest starts in 10 minutes!

UPD 2: Contest is over, thanks to everyone for participating! We encourage you to try upsolving the problems; the model solutions, test data, and a PDF of the problem packet are available here:

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