Secret to rise up the ladder quickly

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This is just to ask the secret to rise quickly in competitive programming world. You will say it's just practice but I want to ask just one thing w.r.t some Indian coders, how are some with practice of lesser amount of questions more successful as compared to some with around double or triple practice, now some of you will say they practiced in the right or better direction then please throw some light to that direction, there are many with just lack of guidance(correct guidance actually) who can do well in CP. There are many inspirations for those people who get to know about coding in 1st year of their colleges.yashChandnani sir in just 3rd year and amnesiac_dusk sir in just 2nd year and many many others like them who have of-course practiced a lot with great level of concentration but many have done more practice and are involved from much time, please tell us that direction too.

P.S. don't judge me for the absence of practice from this account, this is my friend's account


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