Invitation to FIICode Contest

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Hello everyone,

I would like to announce a new (to international competitors) contest: FIICode

FII Code is a contest organized by the Computer Science Students' Association in Iași, together with the Faculty of Computer Science in Iași.

This we hold the 4th edition of the competition, and it is the first time we host the contest on CSAcademy, and also make it public to international competitors.

The first round will be in two days, on 20th Feb.

The algorithmic section of the contest is composed of 3 online rounds, from which we will select the finalists: the first 5 international competitors, and the first 25 romanian and moldavian competitiors will qualify for the onsite final.

The Final will be held in Iasi (Romania) in 12-14 April.

You can find more details on the competition site or on the facebook page.


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