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Hi all, I have made a dark theme for Codeforces. Solving problems on Codeforces at night becomes very tough due to the completely white theme. Even in the morning, staring at the white screen for long does not help people who develop eye strain quickly, like I do. Hence, I made this dark theme.

Quick access installation link

I was not content with simply using a color inverter for the website, as there are many subtle elements, especially the rating colors, which would lose their essence when inverted.

It will surely take your eyes some time to adapt to this new format of colors. However, I would really suggest you to use it for at least a day or two.

I have been using this daily for over two months now, so it's safe to assume it's very well battle-tested :) (except the problem setters page though, I am not really sure how that looks) I have added dark theme formatting for the source code viewer and submission editor as well!

Currently it's a userscript. Please find installation instructions on the GitHub repo. If enough people start using this, I might package this into a Chrome extension.

I would really welcome any constructive feedback that you have regarding it :)

Thank you!


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