I just constructed my github repository to store my implementations.

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Just started to participate contests to fill 25 participation in codeforces, now I even created my github repository to store my implementation :)

The link is here: https://github.com/McDic/MyImplementations/

Just wanted to show public, you can freely see or criticize my code anytime.

<2019-08-23> Now I have following my own implementations:

  • Trie and Aho Corasick
  • Segment Tree and Lazy Propagation
  • Shortest path algorithms such as Dijkstra and Floyd Warshall
  • Disjoint Set Union
  • Eratosthenes Sieve (both and O(n))
  • Convex Hull (both Graham Scan and Monotone)
  • KMP and Polynomial String Hashing
  • Matrix (but no advanced operations yet)
  • LCA
  • and some other uncompleted stuffs

My further future implementation goal is:

  • Minimum Spanning Tree (I don't know why I don't have this in my repository. This is easier, I will implement this asap)
  • Heavy Light Decomposition (What the heck this is too hard to implement myself)
  • Fast prime decomposition and primality test (like Pollard Rho's, Miller-Rabin primality test)
  • Optimized Matrix stuffs (Gaussian elimination, Determinant, etc)
  • Big Integers and Fractions with basic arithmetic and comparison operators
  • Strongly Connected Components

Thank you for reading this.


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