Reply Code Challenge — Teen Edition

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On the 15th of March 2019, the Italian company Reply will hold the second edition of the Reply Code Challenge, a team-based coding competition open to students and professional coders. In its first edition, this competition involved more than 7,700 contestants from 67 countries.

This year, a new contest will also be launched: the Reply Code Challenge Teen Edition, open to and designed for teenagers from the ages of 14 to 19. This contest, created in collaboration with the Italian Olympiads in Informatics staff, will challenge teams of up to four young students to solve algorithmic problems. The winning team will receive €5,000 to be divided among the members, the second ranked team will receive €2,000 and the third ranked team will receive €1,000.

To take part, sign up at before March 14th, create a team, and participate on March 15th: both the Standard Challenge and the Teen Edition will be held online from 4.30pm CET to 8.30pm CET. Participants can use any programming language and send as many solutions for each problem as they like.

Gaspare Ferraro and Giorgio Audrito, Italian Olympiads in Informatics staff


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