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Hello Codeforces!

I made the user script to append the form to submit on Codeforces problem pages.

Sorry, this supports only modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

greasyfork link :


Install UserScript runner like Tampermonk and Greasymonkey to your browser.

(Sorry, I couldn't make it work well with Greasymonkey.)

Then, open install link and click install.


You can use it as you can see it on the submit page's form.


  • Support contest, gym and problemset problem pages.
  • Problem selection will be auto-selected and disabled. Problem ID is calculated from URL.
  • This tool gets form from the submit page using Ajax.
  • This tool never connect the other site.
  • If we open the submit page right away after the contest starts, we can't select the problem ID (because there's no option somehow).
    But don't worry. This script automatically retry if there's no option.
  • If 30 minutes left and you submit, this script automatically re-generate the form because sometimes the token expires.
    This script will drop neither your code nor file selection.


I implemented it as not disturbing users.

If you found some technical issues, rights issues or something anxious, please let me know that.

I welcome any feedback! (You know vs.? Please share in comments!)

Disclaimer of warranty

Use of this tool is at your sole risk. In no event will I be reliable to any party for any damages of any type.



Great. So cool.

This tool is here thanks to Codeforces.

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