Error in score calculation?

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Firstly, I am thankful to the whole codeforces community for providing such a great environment to beginners like me to learn and compete among the best completely free of cost. You guys are awesome !!! I really hope someday I'll be good enough to prepare a contest and give back what this community has given(and is giving) to me.

Coming to point now, I have a very strong feeling that in yesterday's contest, my score for Div-2 B has been calculated wrong. As far as I know and have confirmed for this contest too, that the penalty for a 1000 points problem is 4 points per minute. I submitted the solution for Div2-B after 13 minutes, so my score should be 1000-13*4 = 948 points. But it shows 898(948-50) points. Now, I didn't submit any wrong solution, neither made any hacks. So, this is quite surprising for me and I can't think of a suitable explaination.

I would really appreciate if someone could tell me if I am missing something here or confirm if my intuitions are right.


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