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A few days ago I visited uva.onlinejudge.org, this page was my main training platform for long long time, but I saw that there are having some maintenance issues(read the message for details). So I'm sharing the message posted in the page.

New times ahead! — Welcome to the Online Judge

Things are changing in the Online Judge. You have most probably noticed our new logo, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. Yes, a rebranding has started. We could provide a bunch of reasons for that, but let's be clear, there's one above of all them. Making this public is not what we wanted, but it has to be done because you, our faithful users, deserve a proper explanation. Since the tragic passing of Professor Revilla, the soul of this site, last year, we lost our main link to the University of Valladolid, which not only gave name to us (yes, UVa stands for University of Valladolid) but has provided different ways of support (both material and financial) for the most part of the last 20 years. For over 1 year we have been trying (and trying really hard) to create new links with different people in the University, leaving no stone unturned and no door uncalled, in order to make the site viable. For reasons hard to understand we found all of those doors closed, with little chance of getting a positive answer. Recently we were devastated when we received the last and final word: the University of Valladolid has no reason to support the Online Judge and they are not going to do it anymore. Why an University wouldn't want to maintain a service like this, almost for free, is out of the reach of our minds. Add to that my personal feelings, that's the biggest insult to me, after all, the beloved Professor Revilla was my father. But, as they say, when doors are closed, some window always opens. If we can't rely on them, I'm sure that we can rely on you, our community of users. My decision is to continue giving life to the Online Judge, putting all my effort in it. But that comes to a price. We need the resources to devote time to the platform. Lots of changes are coming, as I said, the logo is only the tip of the iceberg. A new vision of the future is developing and we really need your help with that. We have opened a Patreon page, where you can contribute but only if you can and if you want. Don't feel forced to do it, we will have the utmost respect for all of our users, as using our page is the biggest contribution, anyway. But in the real world, real money is needed. If you want to thank us, help us, have a better Online Judge, or just have some spare money around :D, lend us a hand. Even 1 dollar can make a real difference. Just one more thing to ask, please spread the word about this.

You can contribute in 3 ways:

Through Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/onlinejudge

Through Bitcoin at: 1ojudgeapLUjJcnUmze67a4w3TJ6WnPxo

Through Paypal at: Paypal Donate

And yes, we will get rid of the advertising banners as soon as we can!!!

Thanks for your attention and your help.


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