Invitation to TOKI OSN Open Contest 2019

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Similar to last year, we are excited to invite you to TOKI OSN Open Contest 2019 -- an online mirror contest for Indonesia national olympiad in informatics. This national olympiad is one of the stages required for our students to qualify to represent Indonesia in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).

The contest is similar to IOI: 2 competition days (+ 1 trial session), each consisting of 3 IOI-style (partial, subtasked) problems to be solved in 5 hours. The schedule is as follows:

Each contestant can select any 5-hour window within the time range to do the contest for each competition day. Each contestant may start the contest any time within the time range, by clicking a provided timer button.

All three contests are now available on TLX. Please register in those contests. You may need to register for a TLX account if you do not have one.

For more detailed information and rules, see our official website.

See you in the leaderboard! :)

UPD1: The contest is over, thanks for participating. We are still working on the post-contest blog summarizing the contest, including the problem repository and credits. Meanwhile, the scoreboard for TOKI OSN Open Contest 2019 is available here. The problems are also available for upsolving here (TLX account is required).


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