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I'm not sure what's exactly happening right now. I know that a few (about 7) last SRMs was a series of fuck-ups, so I assume that people from marathons also aren't sure what should be done now. Can anybody from topcoder write any clarification?

We've been waiting more than two weeks for the systests for the first round (if I'm not mistaken). Are the current standings final? Is there any way to be informed about the news and know the current status?

There's some information that you wanted to make three stages of standard matches and three matches in each of them. Why is leaderboard showing stages numbered $$$2$$$, $$$3$$$ and $$$4$$$ and the fact that stage "$$$3$$$" had only two matches and stage "$$$4$$$" still had no matches... I'm not sure if the stage "$$$1$$$" is missing, or if you didn't manage to organize matches in stage "$$$4$$$". Or maybe just the leaderboard doesn't work? It would be nice to check stage dates in the "rules" section, but they are missing here too...

Fortunately, there are dates of the online rounds in the "rules" section. And they say that the second round is going to end tomorrow... Are you sure? Has it even started?

In conclusion, what are you planning to do now? Can you tell us some dates? Or at least guarantee that the marathon finals will take place this year?

Also, I want to ask about the new system. There is definitely at least an intention to go in the good direction, we already can use standard I/O, but will it go further? By further I mean just sending only one file like on any other platform, or letting us use standard I/O also on SRMs.

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