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What's the relationship between 300iq and China?

Правка en2, от I_love_HellHoleStudios, 2019-07-15 10:49:34

Note: This blog is just a joke :)

Hi, Codeforces. I recently found out some interesting things about the famous Russian coder 300iq. I realized that he had a strong relationship between Chinese people while himself was a Russian. Some proof here:

Proof 1 During the recent contest Helvetic Coding Contest 2019 online mirror, 300iq joined the competition with two other users. Interestingly, the other two users in the team are both Chinese IOI team members.

Proof 2 In a recent blog sent by me, I was requesting Chinese OI statements. I was expected to see a Chinese, but 300iq was the first man replied.

Proof 3 Everyone knows the 300iq contest in gym. Among the 5 testers of the contest, 4 are Chinese.

Proof 4 300iq reviewed many Chinese rounds. (For example, recently the round #564 and #573) (But of course he reviewed many Russian rounds as well)


Some ideas from comments(In fact, I don't know which are true, which are false,plz judge it by yourself :P) :

Proof C1 Most (or even all) of 300iq's streams are about solving some problems from Chinese archives. (By vintage_Vlad_Makeev)

Proof C2 In Telegram 300iq's bio is "噢不我怎么又是千年老二"(Oh no,why I am always the second) (By vintage_Vlad_Makeev) .

Proof C3 300iq has also registered a QQ(Chinese communicating app) and joined some chat groups like UOJ(a Chinese online judge) group. (By nocriz)

Proof C4 300iq can play Mahjong. (By ouuan)

Proof C5 300iq joined 2019 Chinese Nantional OI Contest. (By ouuan)

What do you know about this? :P

Теги 300iq


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