International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) 2019

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International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), the most prestigious programming contest in the world, is held in a beautiful city of Baku, Azerbaijan this year.

Wish the best luck to every contestant!

Day1: The contest had started on time, but the scoreboard is broken. It seems there is no mirror this year.

Day1 Contest Overview: Benq solved all Day1 problems in only 3.5 hours, congratulations! Full scorers for each tasks: 23(rect) / 170(shoes) / 6(split)

Day2 Contest Overview: The winner for Day2 is duality, but Benq still secures his consecutive IOI win. Congratulations! Full scorers for each tasks: 0(line) / 47(vision) / 2(walk)

Contest Results

  1. Benq 547.09
  2. 300iq 511.22
  3. duality 494.33
  4. TLE 491.46
  5. FizzyDavid 482.39

Country Ranking

  • 1 Russia 4G
  • 2 China 3G1S
  • 2 United States of America 3G1S
  • 4 Republic of Korea 2G1S1B
  • 4 Vietnam 2G1S1B

Congratulations to everyone who competed, and especially to our super awesome team gina0605 GyojunYoun Onjo blackbori !

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