[GYM] The 2019 “Orz Panda” Cup Programming Contest (Online Mirror)

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Our training round in Xidian University, named The 2019 “Orz Panda” Cup Programming Contest will start on Aug 20, 2019. There are some people who wish to participate in the round but they can not reach the campus at time. So as the contest manager I decide to mirror the round on Codeforces.

The problem set is prepared by Xi Ruoyao (me, loujunjie). Thanks Jing Linxiao (jl0x62) and Liu Sen (ls961006) for testing the round. Thanks Wei Yanming (wym6912) for providing IT support for the round. And thanks MikeMirzayanov for Polygon and Codeforces.

The online mirror will start at Aug/20/2019 11:00 (Moscow time), one hour after the onsite round starts. Unfortunately I can't make the mirror public now, because some participant of the onsite round has Codeforces coach rights (for example wang9897 and qkoqhh).

Most participants of the “Orz Panda” Cup are new candidates for our ICPC regional team. So the round is prepared to be relatively easy. The difficulty is like a Div. 2 (in my opinion) so it may be boring for experienced ones.

The training round is for the team but both teams and individuals can take part in the online mirror.

The “Orz Panda” is a lovely figure we often use to show respect to others.

If you decide to take part in, thanks for support. If not, thanks for reading my bad English.

UPD1: Because the training round is delayed for 40 minutes, unfortunately, we have to delay the mirror for 1 hour.

UPD2: There was an issue in the statement of problem I. The statement has been updated. Sorry again for the issue.

UPD3: The round is finished. I'll finish up the editorial (and including some solution better than mine, from the team Geometric Rhythm including wang9897, qkoqhh, and fffasttime), then publish it.

UPD4: The editorial is now available.

UPD5: The ghost participants have been added.

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