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Generating Palindrome

Revision en1, by aman_naughty, 2019-09-11 18:37:35

I have a problem: Given two numbers in l and r where l<=r and can be as large as 1e18, I want to count the number of palindrome numbers in the range l to r such that they are a square of some palindrome number.

For example, I have L=4 and R=1000

ans = 4 , numbers are 4, 9, 121, 464.

My code:


I am getting the wrong answer on this test case

L=92904622 R=232747148

My answer is 3 but the correct answer is 6.

My approach is to generate all palindromes of length at most 10 and then check if their square is also a palindrome.

Can someone point out what am I doing wrong??

Any help is appreciated.

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