Codeforces Round #589 (Div. 2)

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다시 만나서 반가워요, 코드포스! (Nice to see you again, Codeforces!)

I'm again happy to introduce you to Codeforces Round #589 (Div. 2). Please look at following information for details:

  • This contest will take place on Sep/29/2019 16:05 (Moscow time).
  • The round will be rated for all Division 2 participants.
  • There are 6 problems and you will have 2 hours to solve them. Score distribution will be announced later.

The listed handles below are contributors. Thank you for all who listed!

For this contest, I tried to improve following things:

  • Reasonable difficulty: At my last contest, less than 200 official participants managed to solve at least one of DEF. Especially, 1182D's problem difficulty rating is 2500 and 1182F's problem difficulty rating is 2900(no official solvers!). This is not good for Div.2 participants. In other words, my first contest was hell. So this time, I tried to make my second contest to have more reasonable difficulty than my first contest.
  • Stronger data: There were 300+ successful hacks and almost 2000 sysfails at 1182B. At this time, I splitted testing phase into early phase and late phase. I'm bit worried, but I believe data will be stronger than my last contest.
  • Compact statement: I remember many people complained about 1182C's super complex statement. I made very compact statements for this round. There is no problem with more than 10 lines of statement(except I/O section) in this contest.

I hope everyone can enjoy my second contest. Thanks in advance!


  1. If you want to discuss problems in chat after contest ends, come and you can enjoy discussion.
  2. I have deleted my last problem(G) from this contest during testing period. I really wanted to include that beautiful problem in my contest, but nobody solved that problem for a week. That problem will be appeared in another Div.1 contest.
  3. Scoring distribution is 500(A)-1000(B)-1250(C)-1750(D)-2250(E)-2750(F).
  4. Editorial:
  5. Congratulation for winners!

WINNERS (updated):

  1. PositionZero
  2. supy_2
  3. hitman623
  4. lzqaq
  5. cwise
  6. LittleBeetle
  7. Tsypkokokokoko
  8. i_love_gnar
  9. 8-_-8 (handle mentioning is not working on his handle)
  10. wdk1745
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