Codeforces Round #589 (Div. 2) Editorial

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Hello, I hope all of you enjoyed my contest!

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[Behind story of A]

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[Behind story of B]

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[Behind story of C]

  • Initial version of C statement consists of tons of mathematical formula. CF team and testers requested me to reduce amount of mathematical formula.
  • This problem was added before a week to the round. If there was no such C, the balance would be bad.
  • Thanks for dorijanlendvaj , he improved test data for C a lot!
  • My code:
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[Behind story of D]

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[Behind story of E]

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[Behind story of F]

  • This problem was the hardest to prepare data. We considered more than 10 types of trees to block various kind of WA solutions.
  • I intended top-down error-toleration based case handling approach for this contest, but seems other approaches are also ok.
  • Also thanks for dorijanlendvaj here, he is real MVP tester.
  • My code:

[Behind story of G (removed problem)]

  • Nobody(including red testers) solved this problem for a week. This problem is saved as spare problem for another Div.1 contest.
  • I love this beautiful problem than any other problems I ever made.

Thanks in advance!

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