How to get better?

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OK, this might be a bit strange. Many people ask others "How to become a better programmer?", "How to become red in two weeks?" or "Can somebody explain to me the solution to problem B?" under the editorial with a beautiful explanation to problem B. My question will be a bit different.

It'll be about marathon problems, especially about Marathon Matches. I'm not so bad at it, I've been the best in my problem in Deadline24 eliminations a few times or so, but I'm much worse on long contests. Now, it looks almost impossible for me to win a Marathon round. I'm not sure how should I practice, there are many ways to practice normal CP, but marathons are different. You have to spend a lot of time on one problem to produce a good enough solution. Also, I don't know what am I missing — bad idea, implementation details, wrong temperatures (I'm still not sure if I anneal correctly) or if my code is simply too slow to check enough options?

So, is there any list of tips from people who are for example Red on TopCoder or are regular Marathon finalists? Some ways to know what am I doing wrong? Or maybe even some tutorials? Psyho, Milanin, mugurelionut, wleite, CatalinT, how did you guys become so good?

And yes, here it is, Radewoosh getting back to basics and asking for tips :P

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