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Good day, Codeforces! Or in my language, magandang araw, Codeforces!↵

[contest:1245] will be held on [contest_time:1245]. Is it rated? Yes, but only for participants **below 2100 rating**.↵

Of course, this round is not made by me alone. So, I would like to thank the following people for their help in making this round possible:↵

- coordinator [user:PikMike,2019-10-31], for coordinating my round even when he was very busy;↵
- testers [user:antontrygubO_o,2019-10-31], [user:McDic,2019-10-31], [user:300iq,2019-10-31], [user:adedalic,2019-10-31], [user:isaf27,2019-10-31], [user:farmersrice,2019-10-31], [user:NeverBeNutella,2019-10-31], [user:Vovuh,2019-10-31], [user:CaseRuten,2019-10-31],[user:Stresshoover,2019-10-31], [user:ZeroAmbition,2019-10-31], [user:Pavlova,2019-10-31], [user:defolaut,2019-10-31], and [user:Arpa,2019-10-31], for testing problems and giving very valuable feedback;↵
- and of course, [user:MikeMirzayanov,2019-10-31] and Codeforces staff, for providing us with the amazing Codeforces and Polygon platforms!↵

There will be **6 problems**, and you will be given **2 hours** to solve them.↵

The scoring distribution is as follows: **750-750-1250-1750-2250-2500**.↵

I hope you enjoy the round!

Update: [editorial]( is out now


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