Teams going to Kharagpur Regionals

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This is the list of teams going to Kharagpur Regionals. You can update handles of your team in this sheet . The table only contains teams who filled the handles in above sheet. I will be udpating the tables every 12 hours or so.

No. Team Name Institute Name Member1 Member2 Member3 Rating Location
1 FacelessMen 2.0 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur yashChandna ni gravito1234 5 anayMehrotr a 2665 None
2 Laila Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee rahuldugar piyushsethi a1999 aniket9465 2578 None
3 HighHopes International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad nitesh_gupt a gaurav172 vivace_jr 2424 None
4 BhagwanBhar ose Indian Institute of Technology Bombay TheOneYouWa nt tusg25 zeyunow 2346 None
5 Byte_Me Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar sardhara_pr eet Joker_98 \_jaykishan_ parmar 2278 None
6 TiredOfTrie ing National Institute of Technology Karnataka aj1729 mnaveenkuma r2009 dibyadarsha n 2268 None
7 Compilation Terror Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi madhav_1999 prakhar1725 2 Savit_Gupta 2258 None
8 MATRIX Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi AJ47 stark_boy napster202 2165 None
9 codesquad_0 07 Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat rawnix pj18 rishabh0305 1926 None
10 Allaska Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata satya1998 h1tman_abhi shah_entran ce 1722 None


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