Codeforces Round #607 (Div.1, Div.2) based on ICPC Manila 2019

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Hello, Codeforces community!

I'm glad to invite you to Codeforces Round #607 (Div. 1) and Codeforces Round #607 (Div. 2), which will be held on Dec/15/2019 08:05 (Moscow time). The round will be rated for both divisions.

The problems were taken (mostly) from the 2019 ICPC Asia-Manila Regional Contest that's happening at the same time. Thus, they have been prepared by various setters and testers from the Philippines: myself (kevinsogo), Kyle See (kylesky), Payton Yao (jabbawookiees), Tim Dumol (timd), Guissmo Asuncion (guissmo in HackerRank) and Marte Soliza (myrtactle in TopCoder).

Since the problems are based on the ICPC Manila regionals, we request all the coaches onsite to refrain from making the problem set public. We also request the coaches and everyone else who has seen the problems (or part of it) to refrain from joining this round.

A huge thanks to isaf27 for coordinating and helping me set up this round. Thanks to 300iq for some testing. Of course, thanks as well to MikeMirzayanov for providing us Codeforces and Polygon. These are great gifts to the competitive programming community! Also, thanks for the opportunity to use our problem set for a CF round.

You will be given 6 problems in both divisions and 2 hours to solve them. I recommend reading all the problems; they were written by talented writers from the judging team.

Good luck, have fun, and I wish everyone high ratings!

The scoring distribution will be announced closer to the beginning of the round.

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