CFBooster: A tool to help grab first bloods

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Hello Codeforces! It's a new decade already and I decided to write a tool to help me grab first bloods faster in Codeforces rounds, and I made it open-source since the Codeforces rules say so.

Everyone knows to grab first bloods faster, you need to write code and test samples with lightning speed. There's Hightail over there already but still, it's not the most comfortable tool for me to use.

So... (loud music) here comes my new tool CFBooster! You can click this link in github to download it. Basically, it will help you test inputs & outputs right inside your program and can even help you write some codes for input.

I'm too lazy to repeat it all again since there's a README in the above link there already. You can see an image of it in action by clicking here (sadly I cannot insert GIFs directly). You can also comment here (github stars are also appreciated).

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