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New features in Competitive Programming Helper!

Revision en1, by d-agrawal, 2020-01-08 20:11:42

Hey all!

I'm glad to announce the much requested features to the Competitive Programming Helper extension for VS Code.


What's new ?

  • You can now choose custom compiler flags for g++, such as -std=c++11 or -Wall.
  • To make your working directory clean, you can choose a custom location for saving generated testcases and binaries.
  • A video has been added to the readme to make first time use easier.

Install Now :

There are several ways :

Source Code

The project is open source. Check out The GitHub repository

Report Bugs/ Feature Requests

Please report bugs at the github repository. I will also be glad to accept feature requests! Just create an issue.

Until next time!


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