I built a JavaScript Automation Bot for Codeforces Contest

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Long time indeed!
I have been busy with Software Engineering + running a YouTube channel, and hence dropped off my active participation on Codeforces.

Though most of your rating comes from your programming skills, I still feel we can save a lot of time by using automation tools for testing your solution code against multiple test cases.

This particular JavaScript bot would be -
- Parsing all the problems A,B,C,D,... of a given Codeforces contest,
- Run your solution code (in C++) against all of these test cases
- Compare your output with expected sample output
- Create a diff report for all sample test cases for a quick view.

Here is the Github repo with setup and usage steps: click here
Here is the YouTube demo: click here

As I mentioned in the Github README, this was created as a fun side project I did in a night where I wasn't able to sleep. Would appreciate if users contribute to this by raising pull requests.

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