New release of Competitive Programming Helper!

Revision en4, by d-agrawal, 2020-02-07 21:59:35

Hey all!

I just released v3.1.0 of Competitive Programming Helper.

You can get the latest version for VS Code here ( free, open source ) : Store Link

For list of all features, see the store link!

What's New?

  • Add new testcases just by pressing Ctrl+Alt+N.

  • New testcase button just below testcases for easy usage.

  • Competitive companion native integration — no need to enter ports!

  • New testcases focus automatically for keyboard usage — no need to move mouse.

  • Single run testcase results now resize automatically.

Source code :

Feel free to create issues for bugs, feature requests or feedback!

Cheers! d-agrawal

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