Codeforces Round #620 (Div. 2)

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안녕하세요, 코드포스! (Hello, Codeforces!)

I'm glad to invite you to Codeforces Round #620 (Div. 2). The contest will start at Feb/15/2020 16:05 (Moscow time), and it is rated for all participants with ratings under 2100.

You will be given 6 problems and one of the problems has 2 subtasks. The contest duration is 2 hours. The score distribution will be announced later.

All problems are prepared by me, with huge help from the testers with developing great solutions.

I'll be on the community Discord server after the contest to share my thoughts and get feedback about the problems.

Thanks to 79brue, molamola., FlowerOfSorrow, evenharder, cs71107, Justice_Hui, rkm0959, chpark1111, imeimi, alswhp, gaelim, jh05013 (Good tester), yuto0518, N_jara, aryanc403, SnowGoose, --Someone--, surung9898, and ko_osaga for testing the round. I would also like to thank 300iq for round coordination, and MikeMirzayanov for the great Codeforces and Polygon system.

Hope you enjoy the problems!


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