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Coronavirus — Overcome the Psychological Stress by Coding

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My video on the topic: Shameless Self-Promotion

Have you ever noticed how disasters have a weird way of making things better, once the initial problem is contained?

Yes, the virus is unpredictable, has deadly potential, and should be of great concern to just about every human on the planet. So, what could possibly be a positive consequence of a life-threatening disease?

1. Code (and live) for the present, not for that offer

Yes, these are not the best of times, but a time to reflect on who we are and what is most important in life. For some countries, economy is at risk. But most of Software Engineer jobs give you the opportunity to work remote/from home. Either you have or not a job at the moment, you are not so pressured by this thought anymore. Maybe you come to the conclusion programming is not what you want to do in life anymore. Maybe it's photography, cooking or pottery (Brad Pitt pff..).

Or maybe this makes you realize how much you love it. Instead of dwelling on what might happen, focus on the present, caring primarily about the here and now and enjoying the moment, irrespective of the virus or what might come next. While a future-time perspective is also helpful for human motivation and well-being, a balanced-time perspective that avoids a future fixation or dwelling on the past is positively correlated with life satisfaction, general purpose, and overall happiness.

Virtual participate in a CF round, solve a LeetCode Interview Question(or make fun of me solving them on YouTube), start learning a new language, but set the goal in mind to do it just for the fun of it. I have literally started programming just for the fun of it, so let me know how that works. Or just take a break if you feel like it. It's going to be fine.

2. Set and reach goals that are usually impeded by lack of time

We will still need to fill our leisure time in other ways. Think of all the projects you have put off, all the books that you haven't had time to read, and all the things on your "to-do-list" that get pushed aside. Now is the perfect time for personal development.

Start working on that plan to grow 500 points in CF rating, to land that FANG offer next year, to dedicate more time learning and practicing. One factor that is positively correlated with happiness is generating wisdom. When we take measurable steps toward enhancing our skills, we feel better about ourselves.

With the availability and ease of access to online courses and instruction(Udemy, Errichto or tryhard dudes like me who try to grow a YouTube Channel and plenty of idle time, you just might emerge from the coronavirus crisis both a better coder and happier!

3. If you have a strong goal in mind, be aware of competition

For those of you very competitive, you probably know that whether it is Competitive Programming, Coding Interviews for FANG, pottery(like Brad Pitt pff..) or anything else, those committed are always the winners long-run. Consider taking a break and enjoy the little things in life but never stop hustling and practicing, being concerned if "you are on the right track" regards to your goals in programming, being concerned if your actions are aligned with these goals.

Don't forget that you have probably set some goals for yourself at the beginning of this year and made a plan on how to achieve them. I surely had my honest opinion about Crushing the coding interview goals in this video. and always be in contact with external feedback. That is why I love these platforms where users have a rating. It gives a competitive edge while providing you with real time feedback of your performances and progress. It is just priceless. Once raised in competition, you are always competitive.

Didn't want to make this post sound like some self development motivational BS, you tell me how much I succeeded. This community is not just a bunch of ordinary people, but in the top percentage of people, because we work on ourselves and committed ourselves to progress. This is what unites us and defines and why we should keep it like that, but in a fun, enjoyable manner too. It's a lifestyle after all and we are a team.

Lots of love, Andy


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