Invitation to TOKI Special Open Contest — April Fools 2020

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Dear Codeforces community,

It's the time of the year again, we believe it will never be too late to celebrate April Fools!
We're excited to invite you to TOKI Special Open Contest (TSOC) — April Fools 2020!

Key details:

Please register to the contest, and we hope you will enjoy TSOC — April Fools 2020!

We would like to thank yogahmad77, prabowo as organizers who worked really hard to prepare the contest, and all the writers as testers.

UPD: The contest is over! Congratulations to the top 5:

  1. zscoder, Solved 11 problems, didn't solve F, First solve E, H, and J!
  2. i_type_stuff, Solved 9 problems, First solve F and G!
  3. faustaadp, Solved 8 problems, First solve K (One shot)!
  4. ayaze, Solved 8 problems, Solves D (One shot)!
  5. Motarack, Solved 8 Problems, Solves E,F,H,I,J,K, and L (One Shot)!

Honorable Mentions:

Editorial is available here.

Thank you for participating! See you in the next TROC(s)!

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