Codeforces Round #633

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내가 돌아왔다! (Hello, Codeforces!)

I am thrilled to introduce you to Codeforces Round #633. Followings are basic information:

  • This contest will take place on Apr/12/2020 17:05 (Moscow time).
  • The round is rated for all participants who can understand this announcement. There will be two divisions.
  • There are 5 problems in each division and you will have 2 hours to solve it.
  • Score distribution will be announced later.

Followings are contributors:

Followings are some fun things:

  • antontrygubO_o is the most intense coordinator I have ever met. He rejected lots of my problems. Some example of rejection comments are below:
    • This problem is too standard.
    • Don't ask people about theorem and formula.
    • This problem is appeared in recent ptz camp with higher constraints.
    • I don't like it.
    • Rock Scissor Paper makes statement messy, because some people don't know about it.
    • D2A should be easier than this one.
    • I've found generalized version of this problem in POI.
    • Isn't this obvious?
    • Your proof is wrong.
    • This problem is not very interesting.
    • This is too (censored).
  • After lots of rejections, I tried my best to make problems to be interesting. I hope you like at least some of my problems.
  • This round was originally supposed to be rated for Div.2 only. However, after we completed Phase 1 testing, we found that my round is too hard for Div.2, so we added more problems and made this round to be Div.1.
  • In this round, statements will be even shorter than last contest.
  • Even for some of problems which my coordinator approved, there were critical issues that made problems to be excluded. I will introduce some of my rejected problems which won't be used anymore in another post, after this contest ends.

I hope everyone can enjoy my third contest. Thanks in advance!

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