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LGM Sniper

I just created a cool CF tool called LGM Sniper. It looks at scoreboard data from every Div1 and Div1+Div2 round ever and tells you which LGM's you have beaten, how many times you have beaten them, and which rounds you beat them in. You can also compare yourself to your friends to see which one of you wins more! If you want to compare yourself with some friends, check the 'show ex-lgms' box and enter the friend you want to compare to as Handle #2, and they will show up on the bottom.

You can try it out for yourself at lgmsniper.com, or in the competative programming section of Wumbo Games, if you would prefer. Tooltips show the name of the rounds you won in (hover your mouse over the checkmark).

If you find any interesting facts or have suggestions for how I could improve the tool, let me know in the comments!

Don't try to DDOS Codeforces Disclaimer

All data is stored locally on my server. So although these queries are computationally expensive you can't DDOS Codeforces to make a round unrated using this tool because it doesn't actually query Codeforces except for when I update the data, which I obviously won't do during a round. Please don't try to abuse it, you'll just make LGM Sniper slower for other people who might want to get inspired by learning that the beat an LGM and you'll annoy me.

Update: New Features

I added a couple new features/fixes that people brought to me. Here are the ones people will likely care about most:

  • I added a checkbox to only show rounds that were rated in which you beat someone who was an LGM at the time you beat them. If it is checked and you still beat someone, then you definitely earned it!
  • There are now round id numbers shown on the rounds that you won. This is helpful if you want to check out the scoreboard of some contest for instance.
  • I updated the blacklist of excluded contests to not include practice rounds, so it should be more accurate now.

Let me know what you think!

Last Updated:

Includes data from competitions up to and including Round 659 Div1/Div2.


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