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Thoughts on Div4

Revision en1, by ChaosAngel, 2020-05-07 20:20:00

When my friends first told me that there was going to be a div4 in a few days, I laughed it off and told them to get real. Presto chango, here we have a div 4!

I have mixed feelings about this frankly. Yes, the demand is rising, and we have a massive amount of registrants. However this could be in large part due to the recent pandemic, and not a permanent fixture.

This could have positive effects for the community, in terms of having a lower entrance barrier for newbies and less skilled programmers, and a softer introduction to the world of competitive programming. The website can establish itself as a larger presence in the algorithmic programming world.

At the same time, is that the fundamental character of this site?? Codeforces is known for offering a more ad-hoc, difficult problem set that is more suitable for ICPC, IOI, GCJ, Hackercup participants than your classic job interview website (Leetcode). Expanded focus on the lower divisions might serve to diminish the focus on the higher rounds and participants; it can be argued, allocating problem-setters and system resources differently.

This is not to mention the issue of the rating inflation; I think we are witnessing an upwards pressure on ratings these days due to increased participation by less well-versed members. Perhaps it is time to consider some mechanisms to equalize this??

Yes, we have the opportunity to expand our community and scope by making easier rounds for larger numbers of people. And yes, we risk losing our fundamental reputation as a site that caters to the best of the best.

That, and div1 people barely get any contests anyways.

Thoughts? I'd like to know if there are many with mixed feelings.

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