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AGC is our de facto Div1 contest, traditionally rated for everyone. However, given the difficulty of the problems, we think we should set a lower bound for the rated range of AGCs. As an extreme example, it was enough to submit anything (even a compile error) to get a brown performance in the last AGC.

Currently, there are three implicit "divisions" in AtCoder:

  • Div 1+ (2800 <= rating). Equivalent to CF mid-high reds.
  • Div 1- (2000 <= rating < 2800). Equivalent to CF low reds, oranges, and purples.
  • Div 2 (rating < 2000). Equivalent to CF blues and below.

And there are three types of rated contests:

  • AGC: Targeted for Div 1 people, especially Div 1+.
  • ARC (or orange-circled, sponsored contest): Targeted for Div 1 people, especially Div 1-, with two easy problems attached.
  • ABC: An educational contest for Div 2 people.

We are planning to make AGC rated for its target range, and the next AGC will be rated for >= 2000. Still, everyone can participate in the contest and they appear in the standings as usual; it's just a matter of rating computation.

P.S. It's possible to reach Div 1 in one ARC contest, but ARCs are not very frequent and in case some strong newcomer misses it, it takes 4 ABCs to reach Div 1 (and it feels a bit too many). There are various ideas, which do you prefer?

  • Keep it. Ask them to participate in 1 ARC or 4 ABCs.
  • Make AGCs rated for >= 1200.
  • Make AGCs rated if your internal rating is >= 2000.
  • Make AGCs rated if you get performance >= 2000 at least once.

UPD: For the next contest we'll go with the second option.

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