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There are many blogs on Codeforces, and most of them aren't very important a long time after publishing, like round announcements, saying "hello", asking for a better explanation of problem B than the one in the editorial, and so on. Among them, there are a few very interesting blogs that are a great resource of knowledge, like ODE by MiFaFaOvO, HLD by Vladyslav, suffix automaton by quasisphere or even Blogewooshes.

In my opinion, it would be great if there would be a special place for such blogs, accessible for example, by navigation bar, where they would be somehow sorted. It would be much easier to think "Let's learn something new!" and to do it. Also, probably Codeforces would have the greatest such base for competitive programmers. What do you think guys and MikeMirzayanov?

EDIT One more argument after thinking a bit more: of course there are a lot of papers, but everybody here knows that it's much easier for "us" to learn from blogs written by other competitive programmers. An example which comes to my mind: I've heard that parametric search sometimes isn't very popular in papers because it has something like $$$O(\log(limit$$$_$$$for$$$_$$$coordinates))$$$ and it isn't "proper" to have something like this in the complexity while ofc for us it's great and has a lot of usages. Competitive programming and paper-science differ a lot, so a base of knowledge for us would be great and we have a lot of it written and hidden, so why not organize it?

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