2020 ICPC Graph Mining Challenge: one additional week

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Dear participants!

Congratulations on joining the ICPC 2020 Graph Mining Challenge powered by Huawei! We were truly amazed by your participation and the quality of provided results and solutions. We’ve received good feedback from contestants and decided to keep the challenge open for 1 more week, as solving complex graph mining problems might require additional time.

Also many of you might have been following the Challenge tutorials on ICPC U page, if you didn’t — we’re delighted to invite you to do so in order to sharpen your problem solving skills and applying it during this additional ICPC challenge week.

Train — Practice and Perform is the credo of the ICPC University Commons! Everyone is invited to join this journey. In addition, the ICPC Challenge sponsor Huawei will provide prizes to the 12 winners of this additional week!

Additional upsolving Quantity per place Prize
ICPC Challenge / 1-4th place 1 HUAWEI P40 PRO
ICPC Challenge / 5-8th place 1 HUAWEI MATEPAD PRO LTE
ICPC Challenge / 9-12th place 1 HUAWEI WATCH GT 2E

Good luck to everyone!

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